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Web Video - WDANZ 2007

LinkedIN Profile - Mesh|net

LinkedIn wouldn't let me be verbose, so here is the full list, as at 2007:

Network Facilitator at Mesh|net

(Computer Networking industry)

March 2004 – Present (4 years 6 months)

Mesh|net is a community connectivity project, a brand of CAB 79 Ltd, for which Jo has undertaken:

• Planning, implementation, & maintenance of network infrastructures in multiple locations.
• Education, training, support & liaison with new customers and existing clients.
• Development of business & community strategies & vision.
• Development of staff & node-manager support / training
• Proxy/cache admin
• Customer security consultation & installation on Windows, Linux & Mac platforms.
• Local firewall implementation, management & support.
• Set-up & maintenance of networked file systems & services using protocols and technologie: SMB, AppleShare, NFS, http, AFS, QTSS & DSS, local torrent tracking, Wiki & collaborative servers, FTP servers, Remote backup, networked web and security cameras, “whiteboard” server, Jabber (Instant Messaging) servers, Database servers, local imap/pop mail services & more on Linux, BSD, Mac and Windows platforms.
• Implementation of long distance point to multipoint wireless (802.11a/b/g) links
• Successful implementation of partial “mesh” network over distributed suburban area
(7+ nodes, 3+ gateway edge nodes, 15+ links)
• Deployment and configuration of mesh nodes on a variety of hardware.
• Sourcing and importing hardware for national and international clients.
• Design and management of installation of AIS ship tracking for Wellington Harbour.

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